Grete Gryzwana | About Grete
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Krisna Hanks and Grete Gryzwana 2014 – photographer Robert Surenbrook

Grete Gryzwana, choreographer, began her dance training in Los Angeles and subsequently studied, performed and taught in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Nashville. Grete has developed dances for professional dance, theater, and opera companies, music videos, television commercials, recording artists, and award shows.


With the vision to pair dance with great works of sacred music, poetry, prose, scriptures and art, Grete founded the acclaimed Epiphany Dance Company in 1996. As artistic director and principal choreographer, she created innovative works meant to reveal the sacred through movement. Collaborating with new music composers, and incorporating existing works of beauty, Grete has developed uncommon dances to the prose of CS Lewis, the poetry of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, T.S. Eliot, and Rilke.  While completing her Masters degree, Grete studied medieval theology, art, literature and theater in Orvieto Italy. The influences of art, literature, beauty and theology are woven into all of Grete’s teaching and choreography.

Grete received her Master’s Degree from Fuller Seminary where her studies focused on medieval philosophy and theology and their relationship with the fine and performing arts.


Grete Gryzwana was trained and certified to teach the Pilates Method by Joseph Pilates protégé, Romana Krysanowka. Since 1996, from coast to coast Grete has taught numerous individuals from all walks of life. Professional and aspiring dancers, singers, athletes and numerous other individuals have relied on Grete’s expertise and experience to guide them toward optimum fitness through the Pilates Method.


Coupled with Grete’s extensive dance training, teaching and mentoring background, for seven years Grete worked side by side with a top physical therapist using the Pilates method to rehabilitate and transition patients toward restored strength and mobility.


Grete has been featured in Fitness and Shape magazines for her work with celebrities, and many of Grete’s students have gone on to become certified instructors with Romana’s Pilates and Power Pilates.